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Is President Trump About To Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

New York Times: Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Mueller as Special Counsel

WASHINGTON — A longtime friend of President Trump said on Monday that Mr. Trump was considering whether to fire Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating possible ties between the president’s campaign and Russian officials.

The startling assertion comes as some of Mr. Trump’s conservative allies, who initially praised Mr. Mueller’s selection as special counsel, have begun trying to attack his credibility.

The friend, Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media, who was at the White House on Monday, said on PBS’s “NewsHour” that Mr. Trump was “considering, perhaps, terminating the special counsel.”

“I think he’s weighing that option,” Mr. Ruddy said.

His comments appeared to take the White House by surprise.

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WNU Editor: The friend, Christopher Ruddy .... is someone that President Trump has used in the past to leak a story as a means to test the waters .... which my gut is telling me is happening now. In response .... Democrats are warning President Trump to not fire Robert Mueller .... Top Intel Dem warns Trump: 'Don’t waste our time' trying to remove Mueller (The Hill). Some Republicans are saying the same thing .... Republicans to Trump: Hands off Mueller (Politico). As for the White House, they released this statement late tonight .... White House officials deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing (ABC News). But revelations over the weekend that Robert Mueller is very close to fired FBI Director Comey .... Is The Special Counsel Investigation Led By Robert Mueller On The Trump Campaign Already Tainted? .... coupled with reports that Special Counsel Mueller has stocked his legal staff primarily with Democrat donors .... Robert Mueller Stocks Staff with Democrat Donors (Lifezette) .... has now unfortunately tainted the entire investigation. If more revelations are revealed in the coming days that question the impartiality of the Special Counsel .... which I personally hope will not happen .... but if they are revealed .... then for the sake of the investigation Robert Mueller will have to consider resigning.

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| June 12, 2017 |

Is The Special Counsel Investigation Led By Robert Mueller On The Trump Campaign Already Tainted?

Former FBI Director James Comey, left, was fired last week. Now his good friend and predecessor at the bureau, Robert Mueller, has been appointed special counsel for an investigation into Trump associates' alleged links with the Russians. (Joshua Roberts, Molly Riley/Reuters)

Legal Insurrection: Robert Mueller should step aside: Friends shouldn’t be investigating friends

James Comey tainted the Special Counsel investigation.

The Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller barely has gotten off the ground, and already there is a stench.

That stench was created by former FBI Director James Comey, who admitted in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he leaked, through a friend, memoranda purporting to document improper conversations between Donald Trump and Comey. Most important among those conversations was a February 14, 2017, one-on-one meeting in which Trump supposedly told Comey that Trump “hoped” that Comey would see fit to “let go” of the investigation into Michael Flynn.

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Update #1: Comey and Mueller Have a History as a Deep State Tag Team (Clarice Feldman, American Thinker)
Update #2: Is Robert Mueller conflicted in Trump probe? (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

WNU Editor: As I had mentioned in a post yesterday, people are getting nervous .... Some People Are Getting Nervous On What Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Doing And His Connections To James Comey (June 11, 2017). A day later .... this concern is no longer just isolated to a few blogs (like this one) .... it is now at the next level where major blogs and websites are now wondering how can an investigation be impartial when two of the principles know each other this closely. As to what is my take .... what started as concerns over Russian interference in the election .... something that this blog has been covering non-stop since the beginning .... is now appearing to be about the interactions between Comey and Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has known James Comey for years .... working closely since 9/11 .... so how he not avoid giving the appearance that the entire process has now being tainted. In other words .... can he investigate his own friend? As for Acting Attorney General Rosenstein who appointed Robert Mueller to lead this special investigation .... he has some serious explaining to do. To begin .... did he know that former FBI Director James Comey and Robert Mueller have know each other for 15 years .... and did he not think this would be a problem if the center of the investigation would shift to Comey. Again .... can a friend investigate a friend? In my world the answer is no .... but I guess in their world the answer is slightly "convoluted".
| June 12, 2017 |

Some People Are Getting Nervous On What Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Doing And His Connections To James Comey

James Comey speaks alongside Robert Mueller at the White House in 2013. Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

Axios: Mueller adds muscle for Russia investigation

"The Worst Thing That Happened to Donald Trump this Week" — Paul Rosenzweig, on the Lawfare blog: Special counsel "Robert Mueller has hired Michael Dreeben, on a part-time basis, to help with his investigation. Dreeben, a deputy in the Office of the Solicitor General, has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court. His specialty has, for the last 20 years, been criminal matters and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law."

Be smart: Mueller is amassing the talent arsenal you'd build to bring criminal charges.

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WNU Editor: It is normal for someone like Robert Mueller to get the best legal minds out there on his team. But some people are getting nervous .... especially over his (Robert Mueller's) ties and history with former FBI Dierctor James Comey Retired FBI Special Agent Blows The Whistle On The Real Robert Mueller (Zero Hedge). And while the Republicans are not treating Robert Mueller the same way that the Democrats did with Ken Starr when he investigated then President Clinton .... I am definitely getting the impression that they want to know what he is doing. As to what is my own take on where this is all going .... a good friend of mine is one of Quebec's top criminal lawyers (his family is from my mother's hometown in Russia) .... and he summed up this entire case to me simply. If you did nothing wrong .... you have nothing to be worried about. I do not get the impression from President Trump that he did anything wrong .... in fact the opposite .... he has gone out of his way to make his opinions and reasons known. But as to those within his circle .... I am getting a different impression .... and it looks like some of them are going to have a problem or two. Either way .... we are going to know in a year or two on where this investigation is going .... or not.
| June 11, 2017 |

The Company Behind The Russian Dossier On Trump Does Not Want To Cooperate With Congress

CIRCA: A battle is brewing between the firm behind the salacious Trump dossier and Sen. Grassley

The firm behind the salacious and unsubstantiated Trump dossier is refusing to to cooperate with the Senate Judiciary Committee's request to provide documentation or respond to questions sent from the committee in March about the clients who paid for the dossier that launched the investigation into the administration and its alleged Russian connections.

The Republican Chairman of the committee, Senator Charles Grassley, warned Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled the dossier, in March about its obligation "to provide details on the history of the dossier" including the clients who paid for it.

The committee also wanted information on Christopher Steele, the former British spy who was hired to work on the project and how the FBI came to be involved in the dossier, and if the FBI paid Steele for his work.

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WNU Editor: Even though the ex-British spy who wrote this dossier has now admitted that much of  what he wrote was never verified .... Ex-British Spy Admits That His 'Dirty' Dossier On Trump Was Not Verified (April 26, 2017) .... this dossier is important because Comey himself has stated in testimony that he premised his investigation on the Trump campaign because of this document .... and it is the main reason on why we have been enduring months of Trump - Russia collusion stories and speculation. Why the firm is resistant on revealing who paid for this investigation and report is telling .... the person(s) responsible do not want to be known, and that tells me it could be someone who ran against Trump for the Republican nomination, or probably the Clinton campaign itself. My money is on someone tied to the Clinton campaign .... and they want to protect that person.
| June 10, 2017 |

President Trump: I'm Willing To Testify Under Oath About Comey Claims

CNN: Trump: I'm willing to testify under oath about Comey claims

Washington (CNN)A defiant President Donald Trump said Friday he was willing to testify under oath about his conversations with James Comey, further fueling the swirling controversy ignited by the fired FBI director's bombshell testimony before the Senate on Thursday.

"One hundred percent," Trump said when asked about his willingness to deliver sworn testimony.

Trump aggressively addressed some questions during the bilateral news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Friday, but coyly answered others. Asked directly whether he was recording conversations in the Oval Office -- a claim he hinted at on Twitter last month -- Trump dodged.

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WNU Editor: If he does testify, it will probably be done in an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. In the meantime, with nothing else to cover the press is now focusing on this .... President Trump deflects questions about possible tapes of James Comey meeting (ABC News). My prediction .... former FBI Director Comey's testimony is going to be forgotten about by next week, but his legal problems may just be about to start .... Trump Lawyer to File Leak Complaint After Comey Testimony, Source Says (NBC). As for the entire Russia-gate story .... it will continue but focused elsewhere .... Exclusive: Deutsche Bank says privacy laws prevent Trump financial disclosures (Reuters) .... and it will also continue to frustrate President Trump and his allies .... Pat Buchanan asks, 'Where are the criminals? Where is the crime?' (WND).

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