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Top 5 Koo-Jin (Shipped Couple)

Koo-Jin is a Thai term with a meaning of "fantasy couple" or "shipped couple." Early this year, these couples below are the most followed and liked Koo-Jin by Thai and international fans.

The "Ji-Ranee" Koo-Jin
James Jirayu and Bella Ranee made fans go crazy with their first lakorn together, Suparburoot Jutathep, back in 2013. They met again this year with Padiwarada which ended last Friday. Although there was a long gap between their older and recent lakorn, these two was seen together at many events. 

The "Kao-Tor" Koo-Jin
Kao Supassara and Tor Thanapob got famous from the Hormone: The Confusing Teens Series. This show was the talk of the town in Thailand back in 2013. The show was about teen problems and their love life. Pretty soon, these two will be back together for another show.

The "Aom-Mike" Koo-Jin
Aom Sucharat and Mike D Angelo was not only loved by Thai fans but by Taiwanese and other international fans after their Full House Thai version drama. Still on air is their Kiss Me drama that got many fans blushing along with them. They were loved by so many that Mike is getting drama offer from Taiwan. 

The "NY" Koo-Jin
This couple went all the way back to 2010 when their first lakorn, Duang Jai Akkanee, got the entire country in love. After the lakorn ended with great success, the two were on demand until today. Their new lakorn is coming soon. Read more here to find out why Nadech is a woman on the photo above. 

The "Namtarn-Ken" Koo-Jin
Namtarn Pichukkana and Ken Phupoom became a shipped couple the first episode of their lakorn: Dao Kiang Duen. With their great chemistry together, a new lakorn, The Cupid Series, will be coming for fans to enjoy. 

SOURCE: Sanook!

Yaya and Nadech 2016 Lakorn Teaser

Finally, after almost 3 years, they are back! Coming into the year of the Monkey, there will be many new exciting lakorns for everyone to enjoy. But one of them, has to be Yaya and Nadech's new 2016 lakorn.

In their new lakorn, Leh Lub Salub Rarng ("เล่ห์ลับสลับร่าง"), Nadech will be playing a policeman and Yaya will be playing the role of a Superstar (famous celebrity). During a scene where the two are running from the bad guys and fell from a building roof, both would be cursed by haven and their body will be switched. Unable to live their normal life in someone else's body, they asked a fortune teller for help. Unfortunately, no one can help them. They must find ways to live their life in an unfamiliar body while learning about one another.

Nadech and Yaya's 2016 Lakorn

Photo credit goes to its respected owners.

Yaya VS Mew

Will the sweetheart kub-jin (couple) , Nadech and Yaya, finally gets thrown to the trash since Nadech and Mew's chemistry in Tarm Ruk Keun Jai are no joke at all giving the lakorn a high rating? Mew is just as pretty and talented as Yaya, she can probably replace her. Or maybe our Nadech is just too handsome that he can make a kub-jin with any actresses.

The producer will have to hurry filming Yaya and Nadech's new upcoming lakorn (Leh Lub Salub Rarng) so that NY fan club can get back on their feet again cheering their favorite couple on and off screen.

Nadech Kugimiya and Mew Nittha

Photo credit goes to their respected owners.

Did Nadech's mother buy Yaya a van?

It reinforces the strong relationship between the two families, when someone saw Yaya Urassaya took Nadech's mother hand to go help choose a van for herself.

Below is the interview that Yaya gave at the Siam Star Award of 2015.

Did Mae Gaew (Nadech's mother) ask you to go look for a van with her?
"Oh, I wanted a van. Mae Gaew suggested the location for me, so we went together but there weren't any."

Is it true that she is buying it for you?
"No, no, not for sure. I didn't know where to look for it. Mae Gaew suggested the place, so we went together to see."

Is the van the same brand and year as the one Nadech has?
"No. It's a different brand; looks different from Nadech's, too. The one I got wasn't from the place that Mae Gaew suggested, because they didn't have it there."

How much did it cost?
"I'm sure it's not cheap, but I don't know. My mom paid for it."

Why does it have to be a van?
"I get tired. I want a convenient and comfortable car where I could sleep and also change clothes in."

People take it has a further reinforcement of the two relationships, since you can ask for advice from Nadech's mother.
"Actually, I do ask for advice when I needed, because we are close. But we aren't close to the point where we are one family."

Yaya at Siam Star Award of 2015

Yaya and Nadech and their moms.

SOURCE: Sanook!

Yaya and Nadech Chilling by The Beach

For those who are Yaya-Nadech , NY, or Yadech fans, you will love these photos. The cute on and off screen couple was just chilling on a sunny day at the beach with their family. Whether they are dating or not, we can tell that they love and take good care of each other- isn't that all that matter?

Nadech poking the dog...or Yaya? :)

Just Chilling.

The family.

Enjoying some sunshine by the beach.

Just the two and puppy.

Nadech walking the dog. Is Yaya the photographer, then?

Pose for an Instagram shot!

 Cute, huh? They are spending summer right.

SOURCE: gossipstar

Thai Slap and Kiss Lakorns Dramas

Are you ready to get cozy in your couch while watching one of these slap and kiss Thai drama? Thai Celebrity Fever presents you with some of the hottest Thai dramas with lots of kissing scenes. Not all of them have slapping; but, you know, they definitely have kisses.Let's begin our list (in no particular order).

Title: น้ำตาไข่มุข / Maya See Muk / Tears of Pearl

 A struggling performer, working as a stunt woman finds her taking up another person’s identity and being married off to a playboy hotel heir. Read more summary here.

Keerin (Vee) is a playboy in this drama, so you can already guess all the sneaky kisses that Kaimook (Green) is going to receive. This is not a revenge type drama, but a comedy-romantic one. There won't be a lot of slaps; but lots of kisses (sneaky kisses).

Watch it with English Sub here. 

 Title: Game Rai Game Rak/เกมร้ายเกมรัก/ Evil Game Love Game

Watch the short clip above and you'll get an idea of what you will get yourself into. I'm sure that the majority have seen this drama, but if you haven't this is a must watch.

To read summary, click here.
To Watch with English sub on Youtube, click here.
To Watch with English sub on Viki, click here.

Title: ปิ่นอนงค์ / Pin Anong / A Woman's Hairpin / The Perfect Stranger

The drama will make you smile like an idiot when Weir teases Min. It has a lot of hot/mad kisses and cute/sneaky kisses.

Summary, click here.
Watch with English sub, click here.

Tittle: เล่ห์รตี / Leh Ratree / A Woman's Trickery

 Kate's (Esther) dad stole money from Sake's (Sean) company and when he found out, he got super pissed because he trusted Kate's dad. To pay for the debt, Kate was sold by her father to Sake, and to have his baby, because his previous wife couldn't give him one.

To read more summary, click here.
To watch without English Sub, click here.
To watch with English sub, click here.

Want more slap and kiss recommendations? Click here to see the top 5 slap and kiss lakorns rated by fans.

Nadech and Yaya are Competitors

We are used to seeing both Nadech and Yaya working together within the same companies. But Yaya just signed with Bangkok Airways as their first ambassador this February of 2015. As for Nadech, he "has for several years been singing the praises of Thai AirAsia, starring in TV commercials for the low-cost airline and appearing at its public events," according to an article on

Yaya was interviewed and said that she didn't think it would be a problem that they are competitors, because they are competing for different markets anyway.

What do you guys think? If you were to go to Thailand, which airlines would you choose and does it have anything to do with who the ambassadors are?

Yaya and Nadech Familiy Photos

Yaya, Yaya' mother, Nadech' mother, Yaya's older sister; Kat, and someone else.

No. Not that kind of family photos. All their fans wish that they are a couple in reality and perhaps get married to each other someday.  

But they are just very very close friends, according to Yaya and Nadech each time they were interviewed. But how close? Well, so close that they teased each other every time they got together, know about the others' weaknesses and strengths, and of course went together on a  private dinner during Valentine's Day.

Nadech vs Jame?

The talk of the town from Nadech Kugimiya to Jame Jirayu has been flooded all over Thailand! A Thai host show stated, that Jame Ji is not self-center and has sympathy like Nadech, cute like Mark Prin, and a playboy like Boy Pakorn. Can you believe how many fans he has stolen from Nadech? I was on facebook the other day and a friend of mine said she is going to put Nadech on vacation and grab Jame Ji in instead. Are you a Nadech or Jame Ji's fan? I like both of their actings. Both came as successful newbies into the industry world. We'll just have to see what happen next.

Nadech and Yaya(Most popular Thai Celeb couple)

One of Thailand's most popular celebrity couple. Well just couple in dramas, not in reality as many of their fans wish. Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya both were young stars that are well known for their acting skills, unlike some other Thai celebrities who were on the front page for their bad reputations. Let's see how this couple goes. They had been featured together in three different dramas and many hundreds of events.

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