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Aom Got Plastic Surgery? Hear From Her Own Mouth.

Aom is one of the few Thai celebrity that actually have foreign fans. She is currently really popular in Taiwan and China. Could it be because of those foreign fans that people accuse her of trying to look different from Thai woman (looking more like Koreans or Chinese), and thinks she also had surgery to achieve that look. 

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Is Ploy Breaking The Beauty Standard In Thailand?

Many Thai netizens are criticizing Ploy for being "too tan." It is clear that in Asia, especially Thailand and Korea, people are obsessed with having white skin. If you follow the trends in social media at all, you will see celebrities advertising and endorsing many white skin products. Are these photos of Ploy breaking the beauty standard in Thailand? Seems like it did, and many are saying "that's way too tan."

She looks fucking sexy to us International fans!

A photo posted by Chermarn Boonyasak (@chermarn) on

A photo posted by Chermarn Boonyasak (@chermarn) on

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Is Taew Ready After 10 Years?

Taew has been dating boyfriend Ton for 10 years, but when asked about marriage she responded: 

Marriage is not in mind at the moment, because both of us still have many things to experience. At this time, I enjoy working. Both of our family agrees we are still young for that. 

I am not afraid  that things between us will change, because people change everyday whether they are married or not. I am happy at this time, so that's the way I wanted things to be. 

And he hasn't proposed to me yet; until he does, I will think about it."

photos from instagram @taewaew_natapohn
Translated Article: Gossipstar
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Thai Actresses Before & After Plastic Surgery

Not all Thai actresses are blessed with the beauty they currently have, but will you agree that these were pretty before?

1. Tangmo Pattaratida
2. Pat Napapa
3. Noey Chotika
4. Ying Rhatha
5. Esther Supreeleela
6. Koy Ratchawin

Tangmo got surgery done after a very bad car accident, which she is thankful for.

Pat never admitted on getting plastic surgery.

Noey admitted on getting the procedure done, but it was to trim down her tall nose bridge.

Ying Rhatta admitted getting the surgery for her nose and even said she received more work opportunities after her procedure.

Responses are unknown for Esther and Koy.

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Yaya VS Mew

Will the sweetheart kub-jin (couple) , Nadech and Yaya, finally gets thrown to the trash since Nadech and Mew's chemistry in Tarm Ruk Keun Jai are no joke at all giving the lakorn a high rating? Mew is just as pretty and talented as Yaya, she can probably replace her. Or maybe our Nadech is just too handsome that he can make a kub-jin with any actresses.

The producer will have to hurry filming Yaya and Nadech's new upcoming lakorn (Leh Lub Salub Rarng) so that NY fan club can get back on their feet again cheering their favorite couple on and off screen.

Nadech Kugimiya and Mew Nittha

Photo credit goes to their respected owners.

Pat and Dan Tying the Knot?

After 6 years of dating, this sweet couple is not yet ready to tie the knot. Pat Ungsumalin gave to reporters that she is still young; not ready for a family yet. Pat is the youngest in her family and none of her siblings are married, so she will leave that to the future. 

Although they have been dating for several years, she doesn't feel any pressure for marriage. And don't worry that their relationship will go down hill because they are taking it slow. "Dan is such a sweet person, I believed that he has no problem with that," said Pat.

Pat Ungsumalin and Dan Worrawech

Love Birds 

Credits: Gossipstar

No more Mint Chalida with the 3 girls

The girls always say that because of their busy lives, they didn't get to spent more time together when asked about Mint. Yaya replied to reporters many times saying that she and Mint are still good friends. And that the problems that happened between Mint and Mark has nothing to do with her and their friendship. Whew! Let's take a look at their recent social media posts. Seems like Mint never have the time to join them, or are they avoiding her?

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A photo posted by Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri (@kimmy_kimberley) on

Opinion Post by Anonymous

One won't come back, and another is going away.

It is known by many, perhaps, the whole country that channel 3's heroine actresses, Aff Taksaorn and Chompoo Araya, have already tied the knot and started their little family. The beautiful Aff Taksaorn still hasn't changed even after given birth to her first child. As a result, many lakorn producers are asking for her return. However, Aff is not yet ready, because she is fulfilling her role as a mother for 9 months old daughter Peemai.

On the other hand, women all over the world envied Chompoo Araya and of her magnificent wedding worth of 108 millions baht. Although the actress went all in for her wedding, entertainment work was still her priority. However, she has just decided to withdraw from a lakorn in order to spend more time with her husband and prepare herself for a baby. 

In the older days, actresses didn't get to play the nang' ek role after they got married and have kids. But nowadays, people are better at taking care of themselves, and many were able to come back to play for the same role after marriage. As for Chompoo, there is no doubt about her comeback as nang' ek, because she will always remain as fashionista and beauty queen of the entertainment industry. 

Aff Taksaorn and baby Peemai.

Chompoo Araya and her husbad Nott Witsarut @ their 108 million wedding.

Aff Taksaorn

Chompoo Araya
SOURCE: Gossip Star

Did Nadech's mother buy Yaya a van?

It reinforces the strong relationship between the two families, when someone saw Yaya Urassaya took Nadech's mother hand to go help choose a van for herself.

Below is the interview that Yaya gave at the Siam Star Award of 2015.

Did Mae Gaew (Nadech's mother) ask you to go look for a van with her?
"Oh, I wanted a van. Mae Gaew suggested the location for me, so we went together but there weren't any."

Is it true that she is buying it for you?
"No, no, not for sure. I didn't know where to look for it. Mae Gaew suggested the place, so we went together to see."

Is the van the same brand and year as the one Nadech has?
"No. It's a different brand; looks different from Nadech's, too. The one I got wasn't from the place that Mae Gaew suggested, because they didn't have it there."

How much did it cost?
"I'm sure it's not cheap, but I don't know. My mom paid for it."

Why does it have to be a van?
"I get tired. I want a convenient and comfortable car where I could sleep and also change clothes in."

People take it has a further reinforcement of the two relationships, since you can ask for advice from Nadech's mother.
"Actually, I do ask for advice when I needed, because we are close. But we aren't close to the point where we are one family."

Yaya at Siam Star Award of 2015

Yaya and Nadech and their moms.

SOURCE: Sanook!

Chakrit Cannot Resist His Wife

Whew! What a sweet couple. Both can be sweet at any places and times; making many people jealous. The Chakrit and Woonsen couple has got to be one of the richest couple claiming some of the best couple-related events and ads (after Yaya and Nadech?). 

Especially after marriage,  Woonsen Virthipa received many jobs including dramas, host, advertisements, and presenter for different brands. Chakrit on the other hand, cannot resist his wife since she gets prettier each day after their vow. 

Some jealous people even gossiped that the reason why Chakrit is so attached to his wife is because she plays with black magic. Wow, people, seriously? 

The sweet couple.

What are you doing, Chakrit?

SOURCE: Gossipstar

What Will Mint Say? Yaya-Margie Tried to make Mint and Kim Attack Each Other

Although the problem between the girls were old, recently there were rumors that Yaya Urassaya and Margie Rasri tried to make Mint Chalida and Kimberley Voltemas attack each other. Read below to find out Mint's response.

You attended Mai Davika's birthday party, recently?
"Yes, it was fun. The theme was "cool." I was stressed, because all the outfits were all powerfully cool."

How did you know Mai?
"We've known each other for awhile now. We always talk , but we just never upload any photos because we have never taken any photos together."

People were carious how you two met?
"Truthfully, we are not that close. But the industry is not that big, so we met."

Are you going to join Mai's gang (group of friends)?
"No. Let's live like there is no gang. I can stay with anyone and talk with anyone. I am happier that way."

Have Mai asked you to switch channel?
"No. I still have contract with channel 3 and will still stay with them."

Have you met with your gang "4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao?"
"I met Margie recently. We were modeling together."

The 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao Gang

There were rumors that Yaya Urassaya tried to make you and Kimberly attack each other?
"There's nothing for sure. I don't really get to talk with Yaya, but that is just false accusations for sure. There is no reason why we would do that. Beside, we are in the same channel, too.

News said that Yaya cannot keep secrets?
"I haven't talk with Yaya for awhile now for me to share any secrets with her. Also, I don't have any secrets to share with her, and I am not hiding anything."

Is the relationship between you guys still okay?
"We are still good friends. The good feelings that I have for her is still the same."

Margie was also involved in this rumor?
"For sure, this is not true. Especially with Margie. She is very sweet and nice to me. This is just rumors that will come and go."

Does it seem like you get talked a lot of topics related to friends?
"Yes. It seems like every one of my news is related to friends."

Is it truth that this gang is no longer close like before?
"Well, we don't get to see each as often as before so the closeness is getting smaller. As we grow, we met more people and have a bigger cycle of friends.

But it seems like the gang still go places together, just not inviting you?
"I haven't seen them going anywhere."

Do you want to met up with them to clear this rumor out?
"It would be difficult, because everyone is taking at least two dramas."

Is the relationship still the same between you guys?
"Still the same. We are still friends like before."

The four girls. 

SOURCE: Sanook

Betrayed by Her Beloved Twins; both said Janie is Dating Kueng

 เจนี่ แค่ขำๆ หลานรักหลุดปาก น้าเจี๊ยบแฟนน้ากึ้ง

She was gossiped by her beloved twins (Best friend's children) that she is seeing Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri (Thai name: กึ้ง เฉลิมชัย มหากิจศิริ ), a handsome hi-so through a video tape. This got Janie rushing out to explain that it was just words that little kids say for laugh. She confirmed that there is nothing more than friends between her and Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri.

Recently, the twins came out to say that aunt Chiak (Janie's nickname) is girlfriend to uncle Kueng (Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri).
 "(Laughs). Truthfully, it's just the innocence and cuteness of little kids. There's nothing much; it was just for laughs."

But they say that words spoken by kids are not lies.
"Please, don't get the kids involved."

Have you seen the tape?
"No, I have not (smile)."

If the twins said that, does it mean that they see you and Kueng as close together?
"It's probably because Khun Kueng have met both Bena and Brooklyn (twins' names)."

What is the status right now between you two?
"We are seeing as friends, ka. Are we more close, now? Um, everything is still the same. I want to put all my time into my work."

There were news previously that your new business would be funded by him?
"No, it's all me."

But they reported that Kueng was the one paying everything?
"That's not true, you may check everything."

How many people are partnered in this business?
"There are two; me and P' Top, who is the stunner of the broadcast."

Personally, did P' Kueng give you any advices."
" everyone know, I just recently opened a business, but P' Kueng is experienced with serveral businesses, so of course, he gave me advices."

Does it look like he's interested in helping you?
"No (smile)."

Janie and Kueng.

                                      Janie and the twins                         Nana, the twins, and Janie.

SOURCE: Sanook

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