Thai Actresses Before & After Plastic Surgery

| July 12, 2016 | ,

Not all Thai actresses are blessed with the beauty they currently have, but will you agree that these were pretty before?

1. Tangmo Pattaratida
2. Pat Napapa
3. Noey Chotika
4. Ying Rhatha
5. Esther Supreeleela
6. Koy Ratchawin

Tangmo got surgery done after a very bad car accident, which she is thankful for.

Pat never admitted on getting plastic surgery.

Noey admitted on getting the procedure done, but it was to trim down her tall nose bridge.

Ying Rhatta admitted getting the surgery for her nose and even said she received more work opportunities after her procedure.

Responses are unknown for Esther and Koy.

Do you like them before or after surgery? Let us know in the comment below!

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