Texas: Court findings offer hope for death row inmate in case tainted by 'Dr. Death'

Even after the parole board refused to consider a prosecutor's rare plea for clemency, the condemned man at the center of a controversial death row case may have another shot at life after a favorable finding in Kerr County court. Jeff Wood, a Kerrville man with a low IQ, was sent to death row under the so-called "law of parties" for his role in a 1996 store robbery gone wrong. As the

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| March 21, 2018 |

Arizona death-row inmates killed by hepatitis C, not lethal injection

Since executions were put on hold by a federal judge in 2014, 5 Arizona death-row inmates have died of "natural causes." All of them were related to hepatitis C infections, according to attorneys and relatives of the dead prisoners. The medical director at the Arizona prison complex that until last year housed the majority of death-row inmates recently testified that up to 80 % of inmates

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| March 21, 2018 |

Gov. Kasich, heed Ohio Parole Board and don't execute William Montgomery

William Montgomery, 52, is slated to die on Ohio’s lethal injection gurney on April 11 for the March 8, 1986, robbery-motivated killing of Debra Ogle.  The families of murder victims deserve the truth about what happened to our loved ones. We want the offenders punished, but we certainly don't want the wrong persons held accountable. Unless Gov. John Kasich acts on the recommendation of the

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| March 21, 2018 |

Iran's Abuse of the Death Penalty Remains Largely Unchanged

On Monday, the Associated Press reported upon the death sentence that had been handed down for a member of the Sufi religious minority who was responsible for the deaths of 3 policemen during a large protest demonstration last month. Mohammad Salas claimed he had not intended to ram into the policemen with the bus that he was driving, but was instead trying to flee from the clashes between

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| March 21, 2018 |

Death sentence reinstated for Mississippi's only woman on death row

The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has reinstated the death sentence of Lisa Jo Chamberlin, Mississippi's only female death row inmate. The ruling Tuesday came almost three years after a federal court ruling granting her a new trial in a double homicide in Hattiesburg. The full 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, with the exception of Judge James Graves who recused himself, reviewed

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| March 21, 2018 |

Missouri inmate Russell Bucklew receives reprieve before execution

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted a stay of execution for a Missouri inmate who argued that a medical condition could result in the process causing him undue suffering. Russell Bucklew was scheduled to die by injection Tuesday evening for killing a former girlfriend’s new boyfriend during a violent rampage in 1996. In a statement, the Supreme Court said it granted the stay in the

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| March 21, 2018 |

Georgia: Prosecutors excluded black jurors in seven death-penalty cases

DAs’ notes said jurors were ‘slow’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘fat’ In handwritten notes, Columbus prosecutors described prospective African-American jurors as “slow,” “ignorant,” “con artist” and “fat.” They also jotted a “B” or an “N” next to black people’s names on jury lists and routinely ranked them as the least desirable jurors. This astonishing system of race discrimination, revealed in a

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| March 20, 2018 |

Japan marks anniversary of sarin attacks as execution speculation grows

Tuesday marked the 23rd anniversary of a deadly sarin attack on the Tokyo subway system, as speculation grows that members of the cult behind it could soon be executed. At Kasumigaseki Station, one of the targets of the attack, subway staff gathered at 8 a.m., around the same time the events occurred on March 20, 1995, to observe a moment of silence and offer flowers. Toyohiko Otomo, the

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| March 20, 2018 |

Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Cops in Tehran Riot

An Iranian court on Monday handed down death sentence for a rioter that had driven a bus into a group of police officers during a February mob attack in north Tehran. Mohammad Salas, driver of the bus that killed 3 police forces and wounded a number of others during the February 19 disturbance on Tehran's Pasdaran Street, was sentenced to death under a court ruling released on Monday.

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| March 20, 2018 |
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